Naghsh Almas Caspian Industrial Group is ready to provide various services to dear customers with its up-to-date facilities and machines.

By coating polyethylene on spun bond fabrics, they are turned to hygienic and waterproof materials and can be used for medical purposes. In different parts of hospitals, disposable hospital clothes and fabrics are widely used.

With regard to the covid-19 pandemic, people are more welcoming of sanitary papers for packaging food sachets such as pepper, salt etc. During the past two years, food packaging with sanitary papers has been worldwide. They have found something new. At Naghsh Almas Caspian Industrial Group, these papers are produced in your desired dimensions and different thicknesses according to your order.

Many companies and brands are very precise and sensitive in the packaging and presentation of their products and always want to offer the best product in the best possible way. According to this need of our customers, through co-extrusion process we are able to laminate different color metallization on spun bond fabrics in different thicknesses. These are used to make special shopping bags with the ability to be dyed and printed in a very beautiful way.

In the pharmaceutical fields and cosmetic industries, packaging is very important because these products must be packaged in such a way that prevent from being copied. We offer papers with different colored metallic coatings to those who are active in these industries. These products can be produced and offered in different sizes and according to the needs of our dear customers.