Privacy Policy

Naghsh Almas Caspian Industrial Group, founded in 2018, with the aim of supplying some necessary parts of the printing industry and stop importing these products. This company has launched the production line of BOPP and BOPET thermal films for the first time in Iran. Relying on two decades of experience in Naghsh Almas Printing Complex, with having a reasonable background in printing group sheet and customized printing orders and smart cards, as well as modern technical knowledge, this company has been able to offer new products to the market. The remarkable point in the production of this company’s products is that by using the best raw materials and very transparent glue with excellent adhesion and passing laboratory tests, it is able to compete with the best imported products. At present, this company has been able to meet the needs of the domestic market, and in the near future, the company will be an exporter of this products.
The goal and vision of Naghsh Almas Caspian Industrial Group is to meet the needs of more customers, improving products and producing suitable products to increase customers.
In order to perform its missions and tasks optimally and increase the level of satisfaction and confidence of customers, the company defines and pursues its organizational policy as follows:

  • Production of BOPP and BOPET thermal films (matt and glossy) as well as silver metallized, with world class quality and standards
  • Production of various types of vacuum metallized papers at different thicknesses
  • Production of thermal transfer films and printed transfer films
    -Production of all kinds of sanitary papers and cardboard with polyethylene coating
    -Production of thermal and normal metallized films, single color and seven colors films, patterned films, laser films, anti-scratch films, etc. (coming soon in the second phase)
  • Establishing interactive communication with customers in order to increase their satisfaction, getting their opinions and needs and analyzing them
  • Marketing and attracting the participation of domestic investors and producing products with the highest quality and competitive with foreign products.
    Meeting the requirements related to food safety and health and maintaining food safety (ISO-22000-2018)-
    -Meeting the requirements related to occupational safety and health of company employees and maintaining their safety and security in the workplace (ISO45001-2018), prevention and reduction of environmental pollution in the work area (ISO14001-2018)
    In order to improve and operate the resources and company infrastructures to ensure the compliance of the activities with the standard features, we follow and execute the following items:
    1-Relation of company targets with all issues raised in quality policy
    2-Implementing quality culture in the organization and preparing high quality raw materials and improving employees’ knowledge about the quality. 3-Establishment and implementation of management systems based on the requirements specified in the quality management standard (ISO9001-2008), food safety and health standard (ISO22000-2018), environmental standard (ISO14001-2018) and occupational safety and health management standard (ISO45001-2018)
    4-Observance of rules and regulations related to current and future activities of the company in relation to quality policy and continuous improvement of products and services as the duty of all personnel.
    5-Implement training and learning courses and increase work-related awareness as a personal and organizational duty of each staff.
    6-Doing Research and obtaining the necessary and appropriate information to provide suitable raw materials for the production of quality products (especially food-related products) and gaining customer satisfaction.
    7-Learning and increasing relevant awareness as a personal and organizational duty of each personnel.